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I appear to have entered a parallel universe...

Lately strange and wonderful things have been happening.

A painting which was previously rejected TWICE from different exhibitions is currently residing in Worthing Museum and Art Gallery waiting to be hung for their Open 23 show.

But last Friday I found out it has been also shortlisted for the British Art Prize and is now in the new issue of Artists and Illustrators magazine! These things were all on my bucket list but I never, ever thought ANY of them would happen. Let alone happen at the same time with the same painting.

My goal for this year was to enter everything and see what happens. But what happened is now I'm stressing out!! I'm really hoping Worthing Museum will be understanding and give me back the picture so I can join the "prestigious" London exhibition for The British Art prize in January. So if you'd like to vote for "Beloved" that would be so so so amazing be honest...I think I'm nearing my AMAZE limit for today.

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